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February 24 2018


Facts About Installing a Metal Roof

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The installation of a metal roof requires the know-how of a qualified and experienced roofer. The metal must be carefully folded to adhere to each roof, which will help to prevent leaks. Use a roofer in Erie's service areas with a number of years of experience in the field and specialty in metal roofing.

The installation, which takes 2 to 5 days, can be done in summer or in winter. The professional may suggest that you install a device to ensure snow does not accumulate. And the maintenance involved? In fact, this material requires very little maintenance.

It is always prudent to do routine visual inspections in the spring and fall. The paint on the roof will change color and become less lustrous. For more aesthetics, homeowners can repaint their roof or have the work done by a roofing painter.

Why metal?

Metal roofs are arranged in sheets or plates. It should be noted that the metal used has excellent resistance. Added to this resistance, their lightness allows adaptation to different types of slopes.

This adaptability offers use in almost all architectural styles. Regardless of curves, shapes, and slopes, metal is perfect for almost any type of roof. In some localities where tile and slate are imposed, it will be up to the architect to determine what should be used. Indeed, the project should comply with the city’s guidelines.

Metal roofs are widespread. The plates that constitute them are equivalent to corrugated metal sheets that have ribs positioned at regular intervals. Only reputable professionals with experience should install a metal roof.


Having disappeared from the market in the 1970s, metal made a strong comeback in recent years. This roofing option is chosen for its longevity and durability. Offering a lifespan of up to five decades or more, this option is one of the most durable on the market.

More expensive than asphalt shingles, but much stronger, the metal roof is a good choice for almost any home. The metal can be repainted and recycled at the end of its life, unlike asphalt shingles, which are not recyclable at all. It can be installed summer and winter and can be painted and repainted. For installation, it is necessary to do business with a specialist in metal roofing.
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